The Child Care Crises in America- Advice from The Windy City Nanny
By Florence Ann Romano

This book re-defines the term "Nanny" as anyone taking care of a child that is not theres. This issue is not just for the rich and famous or the “Upper East Side” echelon. Nearly 60% of all American families employ a caregiver for their kids, and that number is growing. The very word “nanny” triggers a response, and not usually a positive one! That needs to change. And The Windy City Nanny has the experience to do just that.

The backlash of celebrity “hot nanny” scandals, along with television shows - be they sit-coms or reality shows, and recent novels and exposés - have led the American public to believe that hiring a nanny is a very loaded proposition. As a nanny myself for fifteen years, and the author of the popular children’s book, Nanny and Me, I want to change the national conversation to one where parents feel safe and confident in their choice of using a nanny AND that the nannies of today bring honor back to the profession by acting as role models for the children. This book, Nanny Magic, teaches parents how to hire the best caretaker for their kids, and teaches them how to evaluate whether or not a prospective nanny has what it takes to be that critically important role model for a child. Do they have the “nanny magic” that is required for this career? This book provides those answers.

About the author-

Florence Ann is on a mission to change the national perception of nannies. Her life as a nanny is the inspiration in her heart; and now she has the honor of being an author, speaker, and businesswoman. Romano’s ultimate goal is to “churn out” a new generation of caretakers – those that are focused on being good role models for children and have a genuine interest in assisting the growth from infant to young adult. The word “churn” is defined by as a vessel in which cream or milk is agitated to separate the oily globules from the other parts to make butter. She is a vessel to shake up the impending national conversation of the role nannies play in today’s world; and what the result is of children being co-parented by nannies.

Not only does she want to uplift the profession of nanny, she desires that parents have deep and abiding peace of mind knowing the nanny and parent are unified.


Fat Chick Pillow Talk- Conquering the Voices You Hear in the Dark

By Pat Barone, MCC, BCC, CPCC    “America’s Weight Loss Catalyst”

For millions of dieters, every day is marked by struggle, pain and failure. Ninety-nine percent of people, who lose 25 lbs. or more via dieting, regain it within two years.

Repeated efforts lead to a yo-yo pattern of deprivation and defeat. It’s a small step to the dieter developing Diet Mentality, a black-and-white thinking pattern that says: (1) I’m either on/off a diet; (2) I’m good/bad based on my food intake today; and (3) my worth is based on the number on the scale.

No diet changes Diet Mentality, which repeatedly drags dieters right back into fat. Diet Mentality is judgmental and comparative, always finding us “less than” others. It affects women more than men.

Women seeking to lose weight tend to compare their lives with the picture of the “happy woman” presented in the media - a super skinny female riding a bike and drinking a Diet Coke. In the face of this “normal” picture, Fat Chicks shred their accomplishments, belittle their intellect, and offer up their diet failures as proof of unworthiness, effectively sacrificing their hearts in the wars of Diet World.

The tunnel vision formed around diet failure and the resulting shame and disappointment affects many areas of life, making it crucial to examine and change.

Fat Chick Pillow Talk examines the messages women who carry excess weight – and many who don’t - hear every night when their overworked, guilty, shamed heads hit their pillows.

The book drags the 13 most common negative, soul-killing phrases out of the dark and into the light, examines them, and illustrates turnarounds.

Each chapter will directly identify a “Voice” and illustrate it through both personal examples and key case studies. Every chapter will also feature a section called “The Lie”, which will dismantle the logic driving the Voice, and another entitled “Truth Talk”, which will speak directly to the reader, in a gentle, deliberate and loving manner. “Steps to Take” will suggest questions for journaling and other alternatives to derail the loop of negative voices and persistently think in ways which empower the reader.

Research by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports 13% of America’s population was obese in 1962. By 1980, the obesity rate had risen to 15% and, by the year 2000, the rate had doubled to a staggering 31%.

Despite an unprecedented proliferation of diet aids, commercial diet programs, strenuous workout fads, specialized diets and foods, pharmaceutical panacea, weight loss surgery techniques, artificial sweeteners and other food substitutes, and the growth of a huge advertising business surrounding the diet industry, 63% of Americans are overweight or obese today.

Clearly, America’s obsession with dieting and becoming the perfect size 2 has had a profoundly negative impact.
It’s time to ditch the diets, proven ineffective in study after study, and change the thinking patterns which lead to poor behavior with food.
Food addiction is a behavioral addiction, not a substance addiction.

Fat Chick Pillow Talk 60,000 – 80,000 words. The book can be delivered in 120 days.
Authors Bio

Pat Barone has defied all the odds life stacked against her and lived to tell her tale. The child of a southern belle food addict and an American Indian alcoholic, she often felt addiction was the only possible way to live. Much of her life was spent watching family drama playing out through the rear window of a car on a dusty Texas road. Apparently, she mistook this vista as a movie screen and thought it was a sign to pursue filmmaking, because her fixation took her to New York City, where she received her master’s degree in filmmaking from New York University.

Sparked by her own success healing a food addiction, she has worked with hundreds of clients around the world to support their journeys to permanent weight loss, defined by the medical community as weight loss sustained for five years or more.



by Gene Lasser


At the end of World War II it remained to be seen if the old South would fit back into the bottle from which it emerged in 1941. Could Dixie change to offer a safe environment including equal rights and opportunities for Negros, or would it revert to the old ways of Jim Crow with the Ku Klux Klan in the roll of the enforcer? Corinth is a story with an ending like no others.

Readers will find a good read in Corinth, a historical fiction that educates and engages describing life in the Deep South during the years after the end of World War II, which were a precursor to the Civil Rights Movement. The ending is a monumental endorsement of justice for the guilty and hope for those who move on and live elsewhere in the future.

About the Author-
Born in Chicago, Illinois he attended the University of Chicago Laboratory School and matriculated to Francis W. Parker private school. He was the third only child on his mother’s side and is a fourth generation American citizen.

The author graduated from the University of Arizona with a MBA and was commissioned as a 2nd. Lt. in the US Army and served two years stationed at Camp Irwin, California. He obtained a Commercial pilot’s license through the GI Bill and flew for 25 years. It was during this time that his avocation for writing began. He became a Contributing Editor for the Western Flyer and an Associate Editor for the Long Beach Review. His articles have appeared in Private Pilot, Aero, Airliner, Air Classics, Airline Pilot, Plane and Pilot, DC-3/Dakota Journal, Rail Classics and Military magazine.

 Gene and his wife Linda own a travel agency and he was Producer and host of the Touch of Travel television program which ran for ten years, three of them on the Nostalgia nationwide channel. His program garnered a feature article in both Travel Age and Travel Weekly magazine.



Confessions of a Hollywood Mystic

by Kelly Sullivan Walden


Best Selling Author of 9 books

Near death experiences, protest marches, mosh pits, robberies, earthquakes, fashion do’s and dont's, steamy sex (or at least lust-filled fantasies), running headlong in high heels, pursuing the illusive sweet spot where the luminous and the humanness, the holy and the guacamole, and the decadent and the Divine intertwine like a chilled glass of wine in the Springtime. This book is written with great humor.

True Confessions is a sometimes glamorous, but more often than not messy, celebration of what it means to be a spiritual being having a radically human (and sometimes photo-shopped) experience…

These confessional autographical short stories are, like pearls on a necklace, strung together by bestselling author (of 10 books) and nationally recognized dream expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden. You’ve seen her interpret the dreams of Dr. Oz, Rikki Lake, Jenny McCarthey, Betheny Frankl, Heather Dubrow (Real Housewife of Orange County), Christina Ferrar, Monica Potter, and Dancing with the Stars, Maxim Chicowski. She writes the Ask Kelly Dream Column in First for Women Magazine (with 4 million monthly subscribers) and is currently in pre-production on a PBS special that will reach 200 million people throughout the US.


Dreams That Can Save Your Life:  Early Warning Signs of Cancer

By  Larry Burk, MD, CEHP     Radiologist and Researcher Duke University
Author, Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist
Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos    Author, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing (Cypress House, 2014)
International Bestseller and winner of 2015 IPPY Bronze Award, 2015 International Book Awards, First Place, Women’s Health
Nautilus Award Silver



Who says dreams don’t come true? Countless would argue that they not only come true but save lives. Recent scientific research shows precognitive dreams can be validated in the waking world by daily life situations and medical pathology reports. Dreams and healing have been a part of humanity since ancient Egypt and Greece where dreams were regularly used to diagnose illness and get answers to personal life challenges through a technique called dream incubation. For a period of time the art of dreaming for answers to life and death was lost except in psychoanalysis. Dreams are making a grand reappearance in the medical arena. Are we stepping back into the future with modern medical tests, techniques and research that show dreams can be early warning signs of cancer and other diseases? What goes around comes around.

Your dreams can be inner guidance filled with life-saving information. It is the precognitive dream, one of the most magical, and mystical of dreams, part myth and part legend in all cultures, that is making a comeback in medicine and people’s lives. Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, brings amazing research, studies, and true stories of everyday physical and emotional healings that occur from dreams that come true, and the bond between man and dreams.

Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, is the latest title from Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos and Dr. Larry Burk, and holds a special place in Kathleen’s heart as a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed her illness, and Dr. Burk’s as a medical researcher focused on dreams that come true and can be medically validated. An avid dreamer, Kathleen has spent years studying and teaching dreams. Kathleen and Larry love all types of dreams from precognitive to epic, and are thrilled to bring a wide range of documentation, tests, research, and true stories that showcase the important role of dreams and their power to help detect and heal illness.

Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases is comprised of medical studies and ongoing research, an introduction to dream journaling and interpretation, and a compilation of true stories by various authors in chapter form who were subjects in medical research projects and whose dreams diagnosed illness and helped heal their lives. All dreams are validated by medical reports. These stores will be part bedtime story, part history lesson, part dream training manual, and part medical research results. Although the sources will be different, they share the same theme of diagnosis and healing through dreams.  They are stories all readers will be able to relate to: stores of survival, of faith, and ultimately, trusting in dreams as a spiritual source of healing inner-guidance as part of a conventional healing protocol. This book is in the conception stage and would fit in the categories of Dreams, Self Help and Inspirational Health and Wellness.

Forward By Bernie Siegel, MD


Alaban, the Land of Dreams
The One World Tree Series

By Tricia McCannon

YA Fiction

Alaban, the Land of Dreams is a YA novel with fabulous series potential that combines the world-making lore of Eragon, the urban fantasy of The Mortal Instruments, the natural realism of Avatar, and the transformative power of Star Gate into a powerful epic saga about the adventures of a human girl fighting for the survival of Earth on the eve of a great galactic war.

OVERVIEW: Nicolette Laurie, a seventeen-year-old senior in the little town of Valley Oaks, North Carolina, is the inheritor of a sacred secret legacy passed down through her family for four generations. Her father is one of the Circle of Guardians that have protected the Earth for centuries through an ancient magical forest named Benival.

Benival is the entryway into a mysterious planet called Alaban, a world ruled over by five powerful Dream Lords whose minds control the landscape of the lands through the Ethers that rise from their planet. Two are Lords of Light and two are Lords of Darkness, and the fifth Dream Lord is neutral.  All five Lords oversee the dreamscape of Earth and eight additional worlds. Thus each of these Dreams Lords has the power to positively or negatively affect the Earth. But now, because of a rare galactic alignment, the two Dark Lords of Alaban have begun to invade our planet, trying to siphon off Earth's life energies for the purpose of gaining power in a great galactic war that is just beginning on Alaban, the Land of Dreams.

As the invasion of Earth escalates, Nicolette encounters demonic forces such as cavewrights, Gorin, and Mind Renders who have the power to parasitically control the minds of innocent humans that become their pawns.  In the process she engages several allies including her Merlin teachers, a wolf, a falcon and a snake, and Daniel, a handsome mysterious young man who seems to know far more about her destiny than she does. She also meets Errand, a warrior from another planet that she begins to fall in love with, a man who has come to Earth to train her.  Ultimately it will fall to Nicolette to defeat the awful Dread Lord, a shadow creature who is the pawn of one of the two Dark Lords. This is a being of utter despair who knows how to trigger Nicolette's deepest wounds.

But first, she must master her own budding powers, and convince her father that the dangers to Earth are real, for it is his mysterious convoluted past, and his daughter's prophesied future, that will play a pivotal role in this coming war, a war that will embroil them all in an epic battle between the forces of good and evil on Earth and on Alaban.



Southern Historical Fiction
by Joan Reavis Holcomb

When Joan Holcomb first discovered three intimate love letters to Anna Bates publically displayed at the Isaac Jarratt estate auction, she couldn’t shake the compulsion to tell Isaac and Anna’s story. After more than a year’s research tracing their lives—traveling to places they worked and lived, conducting interviews, doing all those things historical writers do—she discovered an epic tale much larger than she could have imagined. She wanted readers to watch this good man struggle to survive with his conscience intact during slavery’s social and civil injustices. Isaac and Anna’s true story of love and loss, sin and redemption explores the Southern psyche by immersing readers in little-known historical events through the hearts and minds of rich dynamic characters. Holcomb uses historical objectivity as well as sympathy and understanding to find insight into Isaac Jarratt’s troubled conscience for his role in the slave trade and depicts an era when man’s greatest enemy, slavery and its social and political implications, created psychological demons left to control human existence two centuries later in America. For adolescent and adult audiences alike, both men and women, she believes reading Chattel to be akin to experiencing Gone with the Wind.  Holcomb explores within the parameters of  a true historical epic a rich mix of individual dreams—black and white—as well as personal motivations, frustrations and often the pain of regret and the hope of redemption for religious and social indiscretions of the South during the early 1800s. To anyone who loves reading a good fast-paced story with captivating characters, Holcomb promises this gift of love.


Finding Your Spirit for Success: A Formula for Life and Business-
How to Tap Your Innate Potential for a Lifetime of Achievements

By Robert Flower
Non-fiction   Length (use aprx word count) 59,656

Finding Your Spirit for Success: A Formula for Life and Business recounts Doctor Robert J. Flower’s extraordinary career and the techniques used that became the keys that can unlock one's full potential for success in any venture, both professionally and personally; keys that also help break down barriers to that success based on one's beliefs.

Flower’s story details his rags-to-riches life, and out-of-the box thinking that enabled him to help shape the real estate industry as we know it today, and the personal challenges that he faced in the process of discovering his life mission. His story includes many inspired business deals and the tactics used to achieve success.

Readers will benefit from Dr. Flower’s revelations about human nature and the keys to achieving personal success through the fulfillment of one’s potential. The book is a compelling and inspirational read that will appeal any individual.

Author Bio

Dr. Robert Flower has spent more than 35 years researching and developing his passion; the development of human potential and the science of achievement. For over a decade, he has lectured and led workshops on “Decoding Potential.” He teaches others the ability to use the Natural Intelligence format to bring about clarity and understanding and then applying it to potential development.

Dr. Flower discovered Natural Thinking and the Laws of Potential, based on 13 basic principles, which are replicated throughout nature. His research eventually led to the founding of the Achievement Sciences, a novel, scientific, yet humanist approach to creating, organizing and functioning on all levels of understanding–representing a holistic, all-encompassing approach to everyday living.

Dr. Flower has been a full time real estate practitioner since 1962.  He is a licensed realtor, an accredited commercial appraiser, and a former licensed mortgage banker in New York State. Flower built his first apartment house at the age of 26, while attending evening school at Fordham University.  By the age of 28, he had established the largest apartment rental agency in Westchester County.


Into The Abyss

By Charlie and Linda Bloom

Memior style /self help

That Which Doesn’t Kill Us is a story of a couple’s journey that took them through a nightmare of anguish which included emotional abuse, addiction, cancer, and depression, and ultimately transformed their marriage as well as their lives. Linda and Charlie are both marriage counselors. They not only managed to save their marriage, but also to establish a connection that brought their relationship a depth of intimacy and a degree of integrity far beyond what they had ever experienced before. 

Written in memoir style this manuscript covers a period of ten years, tracks the rapid deterioration of a healthy marriage and family to a small cluster of individuals consumed in a struggle for survival. It not only details the ordeals they personally and collectively endured, but traces the steps that they took to climb out of an abyss of great suffering. Faced with the degree of difficulty that the Blooms endured, most couples’ marriages would not have survived. Yet Charlie and Linda’s did.

The process of their near-miraculous recovery is presented in vivid detail that any reader would find compelling. This book conveys through the unfolding story, the essential steps necessary to breathe life back into a failing marriage and move into a healthy wholesome zone once again, surpassing even the previous level of relational fulfillment.

The book answers the question of “How can they possibly heal this seemingly mortally wounded marriage?” The authors hope to inspire couples caught in conflict about how to save and create a great marriage particularly during the times of extreme stress that nearly all couples go through. This book is both inspiring and instructive, demonstrating to the reader the power of true commitment in the face of great odds and enormous obstacles.

In a time in which disposable relationships are the rule, and many couples believe that marriage inevitably requires a choice between commitment and freedom, That Which Doesn’t Kill Us not only affirms that it is possible to have both, but offers the means through which such a union can be created. This book illuminates the powerful and often painful lessons that the Blooms learned in the process of resuscitating a marriage that many others would have long since given up for dead. It provides hope, assurance and insightful understanding for individuals and couples who have struggled with the ordeals that can tear love apart.

About the Authors

Linda and Charlie Bloom have published three previous books all with New World Library Press in Novato, California.

1) 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married: Simple Lessons to Make Love Last (2004), which has sold well over 100,000 copies. Best Seller

2) Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truths from Real Couples about Lasting       Love (2010)

 3) Happily Ever After …and Thirty-nine Other Myths about Love: Creating the       Partnership of Your Dreams (2016).They are both therapists and seminar leaders with master’s degrees in clinical social work and have been practicing relationship counseling for over forty years.



Not My Mother’s Fifty:
Seven Steps To Follow Your Passion At Any Age

By Patricia Raskin

Non-fiction Self Help

Book Synopsis
Baby Boomers were the first generation of women to break through the glass ceiling and claim our right to be seen, heard, and valued outside of traditional gender roles. They weren’t just at the forefront of the movement to create opportunities and equality for women: they were the movement. They saw their mothers being held back by societal convention, and something inside them said, “I want more.”

Today, thanks to their collective innovation and dogged determination, Boomer women are leading very different lives than their mothers did at the same age. Because they were the first generation to substantively change the role of women in society, there really isn’t a blueprint for what their lives “should” look like. They’ve done it all―but they’re not finished yet. Now, their children are grown, their careers are shifting, and they are once again at the leading edge of change, asking, “What’s next?”

In Not My Mother’s Fifty: Seven Steps To Follow Your Passion At Any Age, author Patricia Raskin offers her unique perspective and guidance to women “of a certain age” who want to create a new, meaningful chapter of work and life. Through her own story, the stories of dozens of other women aged 50-70, and information shared by experts on her radio show, she inspires readers to follow their passion paths, and create a new world of work for themselves which reflects the values and qualities they want to enjoy in the next stage of life. She also offers practical self-reflection tools, journaling exercises, and empowerment statements to help readers work through challenges common to entrepreneurs in this age group, such as fear of instability, resistance to change, ageism, and work-life balance.

As an award-winning radio producer, talk show host, business owner, coach, speaker, and positive living expert who recreated herself as an entrepreneur in her sixties, Patricia Raskin is an inspiration to women everywhere who yearn to take the leap and follow their passion paths in their golden years. Her honesty, vulnerability, and insatiable curiosity have characterized her radio presence for decades, and these same compassionate qualities come through clearly on the page. Each step outlined in this book is one she has personally undertaken. By meeting readers exactly where they are, she empowers them to tap into the creative, change-making energy that still characterizes their generation, and create a new paradigm for life, and work, after fifty.

Author Bio
Patricia Raskin is a nationally-recognized multimedia radio talk show host, award-winning producer, business owner, speaker, and author. Her call-in live radio program is in its eighth year on Cumulus Broadcasting’s WPRO in Providence, Rhode Island, and her “Patricia Raskin Positive Living” radio program on is in its thirteenth year.

A pioneer in her field since the 1980s, Patricia brought positive media to her audience during the infancy of cable television, a time where the adage, “If it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t lead,” held strong. In the course of her career, she has interviewed over 2,000 best-selling authors, celebrities, visionaries, and expert guests―including Marianne Williamson, Dr. Maya Angelou, Jack Canfield, Bernie Siegel, Jane Seymour, Joan Lunden, Linda Evans, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Arielle Ford, Gail Sheehy, John Gray, Gary Hendricks, and Doris Kearns Goodwin―and positively impacted the lives of thousands of listeners.

At the age of 60, Patricia restarted her media business in a new market, and became a full-fledged entrepreneur in the radio world. Relying on her skills and a strong sense of purpose, she is committed to following her passion for helping others into the global arena as a presenter, media expert, and facilitator. She says, “Like many women of my generation, I wasn’t raised with entrepreneurial role models. But being an entrepreneur, especially in my later years, has many advantages. I have a very strong mission to empower people and create positive solutions to improve the lives of others, and I express that through my media programs. I use my mind constantly in creative ways, and this keeps me feeling young and active.”Patricia is a recipient of the Rhode Island Small Business Administration Award (2015), as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Circle of Excellence Media Award for her production of a radio program focused on improving doctor-patient relationships. She has also produced and co-produced major events and expos, including the Holiday, Health and Wellness Expo (Newport, RI, 2010) and the DiscoverYou Health & Wellness Expo (Providence, RI , 2009-2010).


Cracking the Human Code

By Rosie Pekar

A real revolution is now taking place and is our evolution of consciousness. An unlikely Paranormal Profiler seeks to crack the human code in exploring the unorthodox, unexplained and unusual, that is… until now!

As the ultimate skeptic Rosie, a former Police Officer, through much investigation, research and direct experience, became the ultimate advocate and spokesperson for not only this book but for traversing the ‘unknown’ for the media. Her credible history and down to earth style makes for a unique point of difference in the media amongst much fluff and psychedelic babble in the new age arena. Her latest TV interviews in September 2016 in both Las Vegas and New York can be viewed here demonstrating both her easy going yet direct and on point wit; (Las Vegas; segment 1  and segment 2 and on Bronxnet Tv NY;

Journey on a personal tale of one crime fighters exploits with the supernatural to transform a life of violence, crime and anguish that led to the belief that ‘paranormal is the new normal.’ Her own personal beliefs were abruptly challenged one night when violently assaulted in her own bed by an unseen and invisible assailant. This confronting experience forced her to overturn her previous reliance on what’s seen and was the start of a compelling search for deeper meaning within reality. That search of religious concepts, historical data, philosophy and quantum physics enabled her to bridge the gap both metaphysically and scientifically and improve her life immensely in the process by dispelling fear at its core. Rosie wanted answers for her life, and to become free of her challenges and frustrations. As a volunteer she wasn’t able to make sense of the devastation experienced in Aceh, Indonesia after the tsunami disaster that killed over 200,000 people. Nor did she understand all the personal loss in her own life of a failed marriage, death of loved ones and the inhumane and callous atrocities she faced on a daily basis in the ‘force’. Rosie hadn’t yet overcome the mental scars of domestic abuse that stemmed from her childhood and as such the monsters she turned her attention to in researching appeared equally as terrifying as some people. Her belief that spurred her investigation was  ‘there’s gotta be more to life than this’ and after her own near death experience in the most inhospitable terrain in sacred sites territory within outback Australia to her amazement, and delight she discovered there certainly was. It’s the same belief that’s helping today to resolve one of Australia’s most notorious crime mysteries in a new 2 part true crime documentary that centers on one of her own psychic experiences and a visit by the deceased.

This book offers much to learn about the invisible influences and significant forces that keep humankind moving ahead on its delicate path and trajectory for eventual enlightenment using these gifts that everyone has access to whilst discovering what unconscious concepts of ‘what’s possible’ are holding you back? To rouse our dead senses and activate our mortal codes an upliftment or a vibrational attunement of these dormant faculties is required and can only be accessed with knowledge. This will raise us into a greater perception of life, love and understanding of free will and enable us to direct that will to free ourselves from self imposed limitations and situations.

Rosie had pre’seen’ in a dream the unexpected death of her own mother yet chose to overlook this opportunity to alert her mother, feeling she was just ‘making it up’ in her head. Only days later whilst driving the ambulance at 40kph with her mother who lay dying in the back she had plenty of time to regret her decision of not following her dream instinct.  Using her own life experiences of turmoil and duress as a former Police Officer, she shares many other examples for the reader to be alert to the signs given to us to get a better outcome in life. Joining these fragments leads the reader to;

Greater vision, clarity and purpose.
Life filled with meaning, understanding attention is intention.
Knowledge that reality is permeable and influence able
Develop the ability to separate superstition, groupthink and fear based attitudes from fact
Arouse and awaken latent talents, skills and tools of the psyche to enhance wellbeing

Cracking the Human Code is an exploration and investigation into the evidence that is left within our grasp to unravel the mysteries that confront us every day. The surprising information and intelligence found within water that we consume, the dynamism of light and energy that directly impacts us, physical anomalies found within our own DNA configuration coupled with recent archaeological finds and discoveries in quantum physics that challenge our historical and cosmological threads of belief. All with the intent to better understand ourselves, our origins and what influences us. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What happens next?  At some time in your existence you have asked these questions. Here is the start of the journey to your answers. Cracking the Human Code is a fascinating and impressive blending of the mysteries of the cosmos, ancient history, physics, religion and us as seen through the eyes of this seasoned investigator.

In today’s modern age with mass disillusionment and dissatisfaction, this book paves a newly trod path back to awareness and enlightenment via intelligent thought collaborating with intuitive and unseen influences in exploring the veritable arsenal of both metaphysical and scientific resources to uncover a new perspective on life, afterlife, many lives, alternate, parallel, past and future lives. Delving into topics of Dejavu, dream states, hypnotic regression, near death experiences, out of body experiences, cellular intelligence, cosmic consciousness, laws of energy and entanglement, spirit interaction, possession, attacks, aliens, elementals, universal frequencies, coding and patterning.

It’s time now to activate on your purposeful path, being able to see, to realize with new ideas and concepts that this book delivers- then you can never ‘un-see’ and the world of turmoil and conflict as we know it will not be the same again! For those who are path makers, change agents, intelligent and actively involved human beings. This is for you!


The Forgotten Mary

by  Margot Penny Hawk

Historical Fiction

The Forgotten Mary is a first hand account of a girl through womanhood expressed with the passion Margot feels about her characters and their times. The research of the times and scriptures add reality and dimension to the story.

This novel deals with sexuality and spirituality. It treats the male/female issues in an earthy manner. This novel is not about the Magdalene and does not try to merge prostitution and holiness. The readers are introduced to the idea that there was another Mary. Full of action, trials, hardships, and inspiration. A true historical novel.

In The Forgotten Mary, Miriam, otherwise known as Mary is not a disciple of Christ. She is just a poor shepherd who is forced into prostitution and shuts down to love. Jesus has the power to awaken her even though she avoids him.  Eventually she can not resist his pull. She is a character that grabs the readers emotionally.

 "A Journey to Love” (now the Forgotten Mary) is an entertaining, but powerful story of one woman's journey from fear-based living to an experience of love and understanding that transcends this world. We highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in learning how hardships in life can ultimately be used as a catalyst for change. This book beautifully demonstrates what the power of choice can do, leading us from the darkness into the Light."
-Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe", and Cindy Lora- Renard, MA in Spiritual Psychology


Butterfly on the Road-

by Liz Grover -  non-fiction memoir

Butterfly is a term of endearment bestowed upon Liz Grover by her spiritual teacher, who likens her character transformation to the journey from larva to flight. This memoir portrays a young woman’s solo global travels in the practice of the Sadhu, living a scary and marvelous journey of faith and synchronicity while making a difference working in impoverished schools and in war zones. Female readers ranging from teens to soccer moms will understand her need to find peace after 09/11 and walk with Liz through each transformational step to meet her destiny as a promulgator of peace. For readers of travel books who seek to understand exotic cultures and desire encouragement to take a leap forward into their own travels will learn how to do so from this author.

As a child, Liz Grover told her parents that she would travel the world and find world peace. The events of 09/11 shattered her innocent worldview and catapulted her toward her destiny as a peacemaker, but this journey started only in turmoil and confusion for the 19 year old college freshman. Butterfly on the Road chronicles Liz’s spiritual transformation as this disenchanted optimist who left her country to follow the siren’s call. Liz observed that those who achieved the American dream were not happy. America’s energy habits were killing the world. Was there any place where masses of people weren’t so judgmental about cultures they knew nothing about?

Liz was the adventurer, who, like a caged bird, would break through her pain and anger to find inner peace, her first step in her dance with destiny. While on vacation in France, she knelt on the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral and prayed for peace of mind, truly hoping that God, if there were such a being, would answer a prayer for the first time in her life.

One indication of an answered prayer came in the form Kali Baba, a dread-locked Hindu sadhu who imparted his profound teachings to her through catch phrases and examples of his travels throughout Asia with nothing but great faith in the universe and the clothes on his back.

Liz decided to travel in the model of her Sadhu, and put his philosophy to the test by going straight to the heart of America’s post-9/11 fears: Afghanistan. With only a $100 in her pocket, no job, and a one-way plane ticket to Kabul, Liz heads out for the adventure of a lifetime. Her first test arrives on the way to Afghanistan when, in a small airport outside of Dubai, she learns that her prepaid e-ticket for the last leg of her journey is not recognized and a new ticket is beyond her means.

Her trust in the universe helps her find the solution to her ticket dilemma and creates her strategy for every challenge she faces thereafter: working in Afghanistan as a journalist on the trail of Buddhist ruins; organizing online media in Kabul for the UN election coverage in the midst of rocket attacks and kidnappings; documenting the activist movement in the genocidal remains of Cambodia; organizing a Hollywood fundraiser supporting fair trade in Cambodia; organizing for the American peace movement with CODEPINK; and managing online media in the war-torn country of Timor-Leste for round two of elections with the UN.

This is Liz’s modern travel adventure of transformation and the power of manifesting a new dream that resulted in a wondrous world web of heart connections, powerful lessons of the human spirit and an international love affair that resulted her huge Bollywood wedding!