The Child Care Crises in America- Advice from The Windy City Nanny
By Florence Ann Romano

This book re-defines the term "Nanny" as anyone taking care of a child that is not theirs. This issue is not just for the rich and famous or the “Upper East Side” echelon. Nearly 60% of all American families employ a caregiver for their kids, and that number is growing. The very word “nanny” triggers a response, and not usually a positive one! That needs to change. And The Windy City Nanny has the experience to do just that.

The backlash of celebrity “hot nanny” scandals, along with television shows - be they sit-coms or reality shows, and recent novels and exposés - have led the American public to believe that hiring a nanny is a very loaded proposition. As a nanny myself for fifteen years, and the author of the popular children’s book, Nanny and Me, I want to change the national conversation to one where parents feel safe and confident in their choice of using a nanny AND that the nannies of today bring honor back to the profession by acting as role models for the children. This book, Nanny Magic, teaches parents how to hire the best caretaker for their kids, and teaches them how to evaluate whether or not a prospective nanny has what it takes to be that critically important role model for a child. Do they have the “nanny magic” that is required for this career? This book provides those answers.

About the author-

Florence Ann is on a mission to change the national perception of nannies. Her life as a nanny is the inspiration in her heart; and now she has the honor of being an author, speaker, and businesswoman. Romano’s ultimate goal is to “churn out” a new generation of caretakers – those that are focused on being good role models for children and have a genuine interest in assisting the growth from infant to young adult. The word “churn” is defined by as a vessel in which cream or milk is agitated to separate the oily globules from the other parts to make butter. She is a vessel to shake up the impending national conversation of the role nannies play in today’s world; and what the result is of children being co-parented by nannies.

Not only does she want to uplift the profession of nanny, she desires that parents have deep and abiding peace of mind knowing the nanny and parent are unified.



Stealing Marbles...

By Julie Perrin

Non-fiction    Length 75,600 Words

Book Synopsis 

Stealing Marbles… is an honest overview of the realities faced by people new to the ranks of those who have received a mental health diagnosis. The author discusses the realities of mental illness, including the stigma, misinformation, and complete lack of guidance and support new patients are provided after they receive their diagnosis or diagnosis’. Ms. Perrin exposes the truth behind mental illness beginning with the fact that all mental illness is physically based to how to determine if your therapist is milking your insurance instead of providing you the help you really need, in a frank, detailed, and surprisingly humorous way. Ms. Perrin manages to deliver a scathing rebuke of the current psychiatric system, open the hidden areas, which are most susceptible to abuse, and empowers patients to take control of their own recovery, while applauding those providers who are doing the right job.

The author is very straight forward about her lack of psychiatric credentials, stating that the value she brings to the conversation is thirty years’ worth of experience as a mental health patient, a Mensa level IQ, and a lifetime as the child of educators who pioneered Special Education programs for the deaf and blind, the IEP, the field of Distance Learning, and many courses in critical thinking. Ms. Perrin also pledges honesty to the pages, sharing what she has found to be best practices and, at times, heart wrenching personal experience, to help others to affect their recovery, and hopefully, avoid the tragedies and mistakes that she has made in her own past.

Ms. Perrin also gives a frank assessment of the current international movement to change the climate around a mental health diagnosis with regards to the understanding, acceptance, and treatment of people with mental illness. She will cover public policy with regards to those who can not be trusted to fulfill their responsibilities as severely ill mental health patients, and best practices and public policy for police and other public servants surrounding the handling of these individuals and the public trust.

In her role as an anthropologist, author, mental health advocate, and thirty-year survivor of mixed anxiety and depression disorder, chronic PTSD, borderline bi-polar, and ADD, Ms. Perrin will discuss why being diagnosed with a mental illness might be the best thing that could ever happen to someone, give best practices for what to do after receiving a mental health diagnosis, and hope for surviving a future with a mental illness in it as a daily companion.

Ms. Perrin honestly discusses her own learning process and shortcomings throughout the book, while managing to give the reader a supportive, easy to use, and a customized set of tools with which to vet their physicians, and assess any medication they have been provided. Her goal is to help both the newly diagnosed, and the veteran patient, determine how well they are being served by the providers  they are working with, so they can have confidence in their recovery process, feel empowered instead of overwhelmed, and feel in control of their mental health situation, instead of victimized by it.

Ms. Perrin is not afraid of shaking up the current system or angering the status quo, she is unrepentantly honest with patients about their chances for recovery, and the realities of living a life with and without mental illness. She shines a light into the darkness and gives you all the answers in a no nonsense and understandable way.

About the Author
Julie holds a Masters degree in Visual Anthropology from the University of Southern California. While there she focused on invisible disabilities, disability rights, and mental health advocacy while researching for her thesis film, Drowning in the Mainstream: Adults with Invisible Disabilities, in which mental health issues play a significant role. In addition to receiving more than 1,300 views since it’s posting in August of 2015, this film has gone on to be recognized at several national film festivals, including the prestigious Screening Media Scholarship Festival for 2017 held in March at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Perrin also speaks publicly on matters of mental health, most recently speaking about the importance of the ‘Talk-Doc’ in mental health recovery to the Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa in Burbank California. She attends local conferences, like the 2016 Ventura County Hope Conference, to add her voice to the conversation on mental health care treatment and how services need to be structured to new effective. She also attended the 2015 Each Mind Matters: Together Against Stigma Conference in San Francisco on a full ride ‘lived experience’ scholarship that acknowledged her, at the time, twenty-seven-year survival of her various mental illnesses.

In her desire to give back and support others dealing with issues like hers, Julie completed the course work and qualified for the Mental Health First Aid Certification at both the Youth and Adult levels, and is looking forward to attending the new Seniors certification when it is released in 2017. In her role as a substitute teacher she has been able to utilize her youth level training three times already.

In her free time, Julie writes, lectures, and advocates for mental health programs, and works as a substitute teacher in K-12 classrooms and with special needs children of all ages and at all levels.


Fat Talk Hell
Escape the Voices Making You Fat

By Pat Barone, CPCC, MCC   “America’s Weight Loss Catalyst”

Millions of people graduate from Baby Fat to Fat Talk in the blink of an eye. This toxic language, filled with judgment, shame and hatred, begins before kids are conscious of the source of criticism towards them, and intensifies through adolescence and the teenage years. By adulthood, it’s heavily engrained in the thought patterns and creates its own results: more fat.

Starting at the age of two or so, children are judged and categorized by their adipose tissue. By pre-school, cousins decide not to play with us. First grade finds us the last picked for recess games and shunning becomes an everyday occurrence in grade school. Depending on our parents’ size and attitudes, we are either shored up with an extra serving of cake and defensiveness about our size, or shamed into a smaller piece of cake. If Psychology Today is correct, 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies. Since roughly two-thirds of the population is overweight, that’s a lot of people concerned with fat who don’t actually carry it. That’s the thing about Fat Talk. It’s not the exclusive domain of overweight folks.

And men? Even if they are never asked the same questions we ask women, or surveyed about their bodies, are increasingly exhibiting body dysmorphia and shame. Millions of people suffer from eating disorders, cruel behaviors towards food and themselves, and destructive addictions to pills, potions and diets out of pure fear of becoming fat. That’s Fat Talk Hell.

The vicious berating voice heard in the dark, when we put our overworked heads on the pillow at night is Fat Talk. The shaming uttered in retail dressing rooms across the country is Fat Talk. The excuses - ranging from hereditary issues to lack of education to pure inability to change – is Fat Talk. The bullying voice of the playground ogre is Fat Talk. And the silent raising of eyebrows from the third grade teacher when a child squeezes into a desk is silent Fat Talk, perhaps felt loudest inside a child’s psyche. No matter our size, shape or age, we’ve been conditioned to feel shame about fat. The popular response, a diet, fails most of the time, but is so pervasive in our culture, 80 percent of 10-year-old girls have tried one. Ninety-nine percent of people who lose 25 lbs. or more via dieting, regain it within two years and yet even so-called “weight loss doctors” continue to recommend them. Repeated efforts lead to a yo-yo pattern of deprivation and defeat. It’s a small step to the dieter developing Diet Mentality, a black-and-white thinking pattern which says: (1) I’m either on/off a diet; (2) I’m good/bad based on my food intake today; and (3) my worth is based on the number on the scale.

No diet changes Diet Mentality, which repeatedly drags dieters right back into fat. Diet Mentality is judgmental and comparative, always finding us “less than” others. It affects women more than men. Women seeking to lose weight tend to compare their lives with the picture of the “happy woman” presented in the media - a super skinny female riding a bike and drinking a Diet Coke. In the face of this “normal” picture, fat chicks shred their accomplishments, belittle their intellect, and offer up their diet failures as proof of unworthiness, effectively sacrificing their hearts in the wars of Diet World. The tunnel vision formed around diet failure and the resulting shame and disappointment affects many areas of life, making it crucial to examine and change.

Fat Talk Hell examines the messages women who carry excess weight – and many who don’t - hear every night when their overworked, guilty, shamed heads hit the pillow. No matter how much positive body image advocates scream they love their bodies, and honestly try to make that true, there’s Fat Talk lurking beneath it. It’s pervasive and it’s deadly. By 2018, the number one cause of death will be obesity.

The book drags the 13 most common negative, soul-killing phrases and attitudes out of the dark and into the light, examines them, and illustrates turnarounds. Each chapter will directly identify a “Voice” and illustrate it through both personal examples and key case studies. Every chapter will also feature a section called “The Lie”, which will dismantle the logic driving the Voice, and another entitled “Truth Talk”, which will speak directly to the reader, in a gentle, deliberate and loving manner. “Steps to Take” will suggest questions for journaling and other alternatives to derail the loop of negative voices and persistently think in ways which empower the reader.

 The key difference between Fat Talk Hell and other health, weight loss or diet books is its call to responsibility. It neither goes the route of the “Sassy Fat Gal” encouraged by the positive body image advocates, where sitting in the parking lot of Walmart, eating a whole box of Crispy Creme donuts is “just what you need sometimes”, nor does it push unrealistic expectations on the body.
Authors Bio

Pat Barone has defied all the odds life stacked against her and lived to tell her tale. The child of a southern belle food addict and an American Indian alcoholic, she often felt addiction was the only possible way to live. Much of her life was spent watching family drama playing out through the rear window of a car on a dusty Texas road. Apparently, she mistook this vista as a movie screen and thought it was a sign to pursue filmmaking, because her fixation took her to New York City, where she received her master’s degree in filmmaking from New York University.

Sparked by her own success healing a food addiction, she has worked with hundreds of clients around the world to support their journeys to permanent weight loss, defined by the medical community as weight loss sustained for five years or more.


Do these prayer beads make my butt look fat?

by Kelly Sullivan Walden
Best Selling Author of 6 books

Near death experiences, protest marches, mosh pits, robberies, earthquakes, fashion do’s and don’ts, steamy sex (or at least lust-filled fantasies), running headlong in high heels, pursuing the illusive sweet spot where the luminous and the humanness, the holy and the guacamole, and the decadent and the divine intertwine like a chilled glass of organic wine in the Springtime.

Do These Prayer Beads Make My Butt Look Fat? True Confessions of a Spiritual Girl in a Material World is a sometimes glamorous, but more often than not messy (aka “glessy”), celebration of what it means to be a spiritual being having a radically human (and sometimes photo-shopped) experience, you’ll learn how it is possible to keep one foot deeply planted on the spiritual plane and the other on a plane to Paris.

These confessional autographical short stories, like Buddhist mala beads, have been strung together by bestselling author (of 6 books) and nationally recognized dream expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden. You’ve seen her interpret the dreams of Dr. Oz, Ricki Lake, Jenny McCarthey, Betheny Frankl, Heather Dubrow (Real Housewife of Orange County), Christina Ferrar, Monica Potter, Tom Green, Marilu Henner, and Dancing with the Stars, Maxim Chicowski. She writes the Instant Insight Dream Column in First for Women Magazine (with 4 million monthly readers) and is currently in pre-production TV show pilot featuring her unique approach to dream work.

Do These Prayer Beads Make My Butt Look Fat? True Confessions of a Spiritual Girl in a Material World is an irreverent, inspirational romp for readers who want to ride bareback on a rocket beyond their North Star, straight to heaven, while dancing wildly in fashionably high heels here on earth.

Do These Prayer Beads Make My Butt Look Fat Prayer Beads stands apart from the loud crowd of contemporary memoirs. More than a book that you read, this is a journey to follow of a woman desperately seeking center—while looking for awakening in all the wrong places—until she finds it in all the right places—like a late night bottle of wine shared between girlfriends in a stream of laughter that makes you pee your pants and includes beauty tips and aha moments that change our lives forever. Get ready to find yourself smack dab in the sweet spot where the luminous and the humanness collide!

About The Author-

Kelly is a bestselling author of 6 books include Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions

Social Media Statistics:
Facebook: (24k followers)

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Twitter: (30k)

YouTube-Kelly’s appearance on The Real- (150k)

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The Self Realization of Humanity Series-
The 7 Blessings of Human Experience
The 7 Expressions of Human Grace
The 7 Illusions That Derail Personal Power, Purpose and Peace

By Simran

     This 3-book proposal for ‘The Self Realization of Humanity Series’ weaves through and unwinds the experience of being human, that is divine. These books are written to re-calibrate the mind, awaken the poetic longing of the heart and fulfill the intense belonging of the soul through the use of story, poetry and deeply embodied wisdom.
The 7 Blessings of Human Experience

        We — you, the other, and I — are part of a magnificent process of accounting that brings things into balance. The reconciliation that eventually results is an awakening to Oneness; first within ourselves, and then amidst the world. In the consciousness of separation, these blessings were seeded to come about by the actions of our past. Experiences arise when we most need them, when ready to grow to the next level, and when capable of moving through our next best step. Parts of us, equally within our midst and hidden, created life in this way, in order to ‘live, be and know’ the return to Oneness.

     ‘As the journey’, we travel many paths; that of seeker, rebel, humanitarian, visionary, sage, mystic and love catalyst. These archetypes are stages of spiritual growth where we move from living, to being, to knowing. In spiraling out of control, we are taken into the sacred geometry of our given containers. Within the body temple dwells the energy, growth, truth and wisdom that is to merge in unification. In this coming together of consciousness, precious gifts emerge that result in personal power, purpose and peace.

What if conflict, chaos, challenges, obstacles and darkness were viewed as vision quests? How differently might they be approached?

Could these wake-up calls be leading you to a greater YOU?

     Presence to ‘what is’ reveals a wormhole, or gateway, toward knowing the unknown. However, we must be ready and willing to go through the process of de-conditioning. The walls must come down, and a connection built. In this energetic vortex, the individual becomes the bridge to a ‘new earth experience’ of aliveness. In consciously doing so, they open to transcending time, space, and dimension. All illusion may disappear, and only what is real remains in view. To rise above the human condition, requires a return to no thing. We must willingly step into the void… the place of not knowing … to encounter the known … so to meet the Unknown.

About the Author-

     SIMRAN is Publisher of the Award–Winning 11:11 Magazine and Host of #1 rated, 11:11 Talk Radio and 11:11 InnerViews TV on The New Thought Channel. Simran invites people to stand as ‘Examples of a New World Paradigm’ through creative capacity and authentic living.    

      Author of Your Journey to Enlightenment, Your Journey to Love, and IPPY Gold Award  Winner of Conversations with the Universe, Simran has spoken to audiences across North America on a 66 city tour as a voice of Truth in the field of higher conscious humanitarianism, Simran’s writings and 2013 Tedx Talk are real, heartfelt, and connecting because she supports individuals in connecting at a deep heart level, so that they free themselves from conditioning.
2017 Science of Mind Cover & Feature Story
2014 IPPY Gold Award  — Best Mind Body Spirit Book — Conversations With the Universe
2103 Unzipper of Reality Award — Your Journey To Enlightenment
2013 Tedx Inaugural Speaker  — Conversations With The Universe
2013 Nautilus Gold Award — 11:11 Magazine


Conquer Thyself-  Change Yourself, Change the World

by Thomas D. Craig

Human beings are restless and uneasy. We often feel unhappy and dis-empowered. We point fingers outward at our position in life yet the we are missing that all accountability comes from within. This thought of looking within to change ourself, and ultimately the world is foreign to most people. Yet, within is where we will find all of our answers. Within is where we will find purpose, peace and love. To look within is to change ourselves. To change ourselves, we change the world. This is the quest. The Greeks knew that the journey was within as they posted the phrase know thyself above the entrances to temples and the doorways of their houses. This journey is to know and to conquer ourselves, to move from a victim in an ordinary life to an empowered individual intentionally creating a life that lifts up humanity.

Conquer Thyself is a step by step guide to finding the root of one’s self, a path in finding peace and love within. The book is broken into seven steps with three principles per step. Step one is about awakening. One cannot take on a journey within while living in the illusion of a world where one is separate from the whole. This awakening is the yearning, the hunger inside that one’s life must be bigger than the ego centric world that most people are living on this planet. Understanding the relationship to our body, mind and spirit is another step on the journey. Along this line is also understanding that this journey within is shifting from a ME centric world to an universal ALL world where all beings are connected like brothers and sisters. Step two is about understanding that this is your life and you create it, everything comes from intentionality. Within this intentionality comes accountability. We cannot move forward on a path within unitl we understand that we are accountable for everything in it. Another important principle in this step is to understand that all living beings are dying. Understanding our own mortality with that of all living beings shifts our mind to the concept of living right now. Step three is about creating a life that is on purpose. A life that is not about the individual ego, but about serving others. A life that is about finding a purpose greater than our own lives. Within this purpose we must be authentic, and not living a life to please others. We must come from our authentic source the core of our being. Step four is about living in the zone, living in a space of now. It is about living in wonder in every moment of our lives no matter the circumstance. It is about looking in the mirror and being perfect. This concept of being perfect is about asking yourself each day, did I live authentically? Did I live with integrity and honor my word? Did I live and treat others with love in every moment? Did I play all out and give everything to my life? Step five is about living on the edge, constantly pushing our boundaries to an extraordinary life beyond fear, out on the skinny branches of life. It is about persistence, falling down yet constantly getting up.  Step six is about living from the source of our being, about living from the universal space of love. It is understanding that as we strip away layer after layer and get to a space of nothing we find everything. Getting to our source is understanding how to be still and to be our authentic being of love. This step is the essence of the path and through meditation it is here that we will find the source of our being and love within. The final step seven is understanding that once we reach the top of the mountain we keep climbing. Our context of the world and our being constantly expands. There is no limit to the potential of a living being. We must understand that at all times we are a teacher and a student, that we must walk the walk. Our path is not of thoughts it is of action and we must walk the path that we are creating. The final principle is understanding that our life is about footprints. We are here for just a blip of time, and what we leave behind are the footprints in how we interact and engage with the people and world around us.

Conquer Thyself: Change Yourself, Change the World is just over 56,000 words that took over three years to write and update. This is the third book from Thomas Craig. The first book, A Cup of Buddha, was a series of conversations between two individuals about taking a spiritual path. The second book, Is that so? A Modern Fable of Awakening, was a fiction booked inspired by the Zen story of the same name. Based on the experience of these first two books, Conquer Thyself is a more direct personal development book that will have a much broader audience in finding a life of purpose, peace and love.

About the Author

Thomas is a single dad of two teenage daughters from Seattle WA. He is a business executive, avid hiker and mountain climber as well as a world champion martial artists in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2008 his world as he knew it came to an end. He was fired from a high-level job, lost a business in the financial crisis, went through a divorce and thought he had lost his children in a move to Europe. These experiences forced him to look within and find his path. From this experience, he now writes and teaches others in finding purpose, peace and love. His first book has been published in the U.S., U.K., Australia, South Africa, India and China. He has appeared on a number of radio stations, and various reviews and write ups of his books. His blog has received over 140, 000 views. Thomas is especially excited about Conquer Thyself as he felt he gained incredible experience in publishing his first two books and with this offering provides insight with specific actions for a broad demographic in personal development. Thomas feels this is a recipe for broad success in the market and a platform for him to teach off. He is excited to launch and promote the book moving forward.


Finding Your Spirit for Success: A Formula for Life and Business-
How to Tap Your Innate Potential for a Lifetime of Achievements

By Robert Flower
Non-fiction   Length (use aprx word count) 59,656

Finding Your Spirit for Success: A Formula for Life and Business recounts Doctor Robert J. Flower’s extraordinary career and the techniques used that became the keys that can unlock one's full potential for success in any venture, both professionally and personally; keys that also help break down barriers to that success based on one's beliefs.

Flower’s story details his rags-to-riches life, and out-of-the box thinking that enabled him to help shape the real estate industry as we know it today, and the personal challenges that he faced in the process of discovering his life mission. His story includes many inspired business deals and the tactics used to achieve success.

Readers will benefit from Dr. Flower’s revelations about human nature and the keys to achieving personal success through the fulfillment of one’s potential. The book is a compelling and inspirational read that will appeal any individual.

Author Bio

Dr. Robert Flower has spent more than 35 years researching and developing his passion; the development of human potential and the science of achievement. For over a decade, he has lectured and led workshops on “Decoding Potential.” He teaches others the ability to use the Natural Intelligence format to bring about clarity and understanding and then applying it to potential development.

Dr. Flower discovered Natural Thinking and the Laws of Potential, based on 13 basic principles, which are replicated throughout nature. His research eventually led to the founding of the Achievement Sciences, a novel, scientific, yet humanist approach to creating, organizing and functioning on all levels of understanding–representing a holistic, all-encompassing approach to everyday living.

Dr. Flower has been a full time real estate practitioner since 1962.  He is a licensed realtor, an accredited commercial appraiser, and a former licensed mortgage banker in New York State. Flower built his first apartment house at the age of 26, while attending evening school at Fordham University.  By the age of 28, he had established the largest apartment rental agency in Westchester County.



Not My Mother’s Fifty:
Seven Steps To Follow Your Passion At Any Age

By Patricia Raskin

Non-fiction Self Help

Book Synopsis
Baby Boomers were the first generation of women to break through the glass ceiling and claim our right to be seen, heard, and valued outside of traditional gender roles. They weren’t just at the forefront of the movement to create opportunities and equality for women: they were the movement. They saw their mothers being held back by societal convention, and something inside them said, “I want more.”

Today, thanks to their collective innovation and dogged determination, Boomer women are leading very different lives than their mothers did at the same age. Because they were the first generation to substantively change the role of women in society, there really isn’t a blueprint for what their lives “should” look like. They’ve done it all―but they’re not finished yet. Now, their children are grown, their careers are shifting, and they are once again at the leading edge of change, asking, “What’s next?”

In Not My Mother’s Fifty: Seven Steps To Follow Your Passion At Any Age, author Patricia Raskin offers her unique perspective and guidance to women “of a certain age” who want to create a new, meaningful chapter of work and life. Through her own story, the stories of dozens of other women aged 50-70, and information shared by experts on her radio show, she inspires readers to follow their passion paths, and create a new world of work for themselves which reflects the values and qualities they want to enjoy in the next stage of life. She also offers practical self-reflection tools, journaling exercises, and empowerment statements to help readers work through challenges common to entrepreneurs in this age group, such as fear of instability, resistance to change, ageism, and work-life balance.

As an award-winning radio producer, talk show host, business owner, coach, speaker, and positive living expert who recreated herself as an entrepreneur in her sixties, Patricia Raskin is an inspiration to women everywhere who yearn to take the leap and follow their passion paths in their golden years. Her honesty, vulnerability, and insatiable curiosity have characterized her radio presence for decades, and these same compassionate qualities come through clearly on the page. Each step outlined in this book is one she has personally undertaken. By meeting readers exactly where they are, she empowers them to tap into the creative, change-making energy that still characterizes their generation, and create a new paradigm for life, and work, after fifty.

Author Bio
Patricia Raskin is a nationally-recognized multimedia radio talk show host, award-winning producer, business owner, speaker, and author. Her call-in live radio program is in its eighth year on Cumulus Broadcasting’s WPRO in Providence, Rhode Island, and her “Patricia Raskin Positive Living” radio program on is in its thirteenth year.

A pioneer in her field since the 1980s, Patricia brought positive media to her audience during the infancy of cable television, a time where the adage, “If it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t lead,” held strong. In the course of her career, she has interviewed over 2,000 best-selling authors, celebrities, visionaries, and expert guests―including Marianne Williamson, Dr. Maya Angelou, Jack Canfield, Bernie Siegel, Jane Seymour, Joan Lunden, Linda Evans, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Arielle Ford, Gail Sheehy, John Gray, Gary Hendricks, and Doris Kearns Goodwin―and positively impacted the lives of thousands of listeners.

At the age of 60, Patricia restarted her media business in a new market, and became a full-fledged entrepreneur in the radio world. Relying on her skills and a strong sense of purpose, she is committed to following her passion for helping others into the global arena as a presenter, media expert, and facilitator. She says, “Like many women of my generation, I wasn’t raised with entrepreneurial role models. But being an entrepreneur, especially in my later years, has many advantages. I have a very strong mission to empower people and create positive solutions to improve the lives of others, and I express that through my media programs. I use my mind constantly in creative ways, and this keeps me feeling young and active.”Patricia is a recipient of the Rhode Island Small Business Administration Award (2015), as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Circle of Excellence Media Award for her production of a radio program focused on improving doctor-patient relationships. She has also produced and co-produced major events and expos, including the Holiday, Health and Wellness Expo (Newport, RI, 2010) and the DiscoverYou Health & Wellness Expo (Providence, RI , 2009-2010).


Cracking the Human Code

By Rosie Pekar

A real revolution is now taking place and is our evolution of consciousness. An unlikely Paranormal Profiler seeks to crack the human code in exploring the unorthodox, unexplained and unusual, that is… until now!

As the ultimate skeptic Rosie, a former Police Officer, through much investigation, research and direct experience, became the ultimate advocate and spokesperson for not only this book but for traversing the ‘unknown’ for the media. Her credible history and down to earth style makes for a unique point of difference in the media amongst much fluff and psychedelic babble in the new age arena. Her latest TV interviews in September 2016 in both Las Vegas and New York can be viewed here demonstrating both her easy going yet direct and on point wit; (Las Vegas; segment 1  and segment 2 and on Bronxnet Tv NY;

Journey on a personal tale of one crime fighters exploits with the supernatural to transform a life of violence, crime and anguish that led to the belief that ‘paranormal is the new normal.’ Her own personal beliefs were abruptly challenged one night when violently assaulted in her own bed by an unseen and invisible assailant. This confronting experience forced her to overturn her previous reliance on what’s seen and was the start of a compelling search for deeper meaning within reality. That search of religious concepts, historical data, philosophy and quantum physics enabled her to bridge the gap both metaphysically and scientifically and improve her life immensely in the process by dispelling fear at its core. Rosie wanted answers for her life, and to become free of her challenges and frustrations. As a volunteer she wasn’t able to make sense of the devastation experienced in Aceh, Indonesia after the tsunami disaster that killed over 200,000 people. Nor did she understand all the personal loss in her own life of a failed marriage, death of loved ones and the inhumane and callous atrocities she faced on a daily basis in the ‘force’. Rosie hadn’t yet overcome the mental scars of domestic abuse that stemmed from her childhood and as such the monsters she turned her attention to in researching appeared equally as terrifying as some people. Her belief that spurred her investigation was  ‘there’s gotta be more to life than this’ and after her own near death experience in the most inhospitable terrain in sacred sites territory within outback Australia to her amazement, and delight she discovered there certainly was. It’s the same belief that’s helping today to resolve one of Australia’s most notorious crime mysteries in a new 2 part true crime documentary that centers on one of her own psychic experiences and a visit by the deceased.

This book offers much to learn about the invisible influences and significant forces that keep humankind moving ahead on its delicate path and trajectory for eventual enlightenment using these gifts that everyone has access to whilst discovering what unconscious concepts of ‘what’s possible’ are holding you back? To rouse our dead senses and activate our mortal codes an upliftment or a vibrational attunement of these dormant faculties is required and can only be accessed with knowledge. This will raise us into a greater perception of life, love and understanding of free will and enable us to direct that will to free ourselves from self imposed limitations and situations.

Rosie had pre’seen’ in a dream the unexpected death of her own mother yet chose to overlook this opportunity to alert her mother, feeling she was just ‘making it up’ in her head. Only days later whilst driving the ambulance at 40kph with her mother who lay dying in the back she had plenty of time to regret her decision of not following her dream instinct.  Using her own life experiences of turmoil and duress as a former Police Officer, she shares many other examples for the reader to be alert to the signs given to us to get a better outcome in life. Joining these fragments leads the reader to;

Greater vision, clarity and purpose.
Life filled with meaning, understanding attention is intention.
Knowledge that reality is permeable and influence able
Develop the ability to separate superstition, groupthink and fear based attitudes from fact
Arouse and awaken latent talents, skills and tools of the psyche to enhance wellbeing

Cracking the Human Code is an exploration and investigation into the evidence that is left within our grasp to unravel the mysteries that confront us every day. The surprising information and intelligence found within water that we consume, the dynamism of light and energy that directly impacts us, physical anomalies found within our own DNA configuration coupled with recent archaeological finds and discoveries in quantum physics that challenge our historical and cosmological threads of belief. All with the intent to better understand ourselves, our origins and what influences us. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What happens next?  At some time in your existence you have asked these questions. Here is the start of the journey to your answers. Cracking the Human Code is a fascinating and impressive blending of the mysteries of the cosmos, ancient history, physics, religion and us as seen through the eyes of this seasoned investigator.

In today’s modern age with mass disillusionment and dissatisfaction, this book paves a newly trod path back to awareness and enlightenment via intelligent thought collaborating with intuitive and unseen influences in exploring the veritable arsenal of both metaphysical and scientific resources to uncover a new perspective on life, afterlife, many lives, alternate, parallel, past and future lives. Delving into topics of Dejavu, dream states, hypnotic regression, near death experiences, out of body experiences, cellular intelligence, cosmic consciousness, laws of energy and entanglement, spirit interaction, possession, attacks, aliens, elementals, universal frequencies, coding and patterning.

It’s time now to activate on your purposeful path, being able to see, to realize with new ideas and concepts that this book delivers- then you can never ‘un-see’ and the world of turmoil and conflict as we know it will not be the same again! For those who are path makers, change agents, intelligent and actively involved human beings. This is for you!


Butterfly on the Road-

by Liz Grover -  non-fiction memoir

Butterfly is a term of endearment bestowed upon Liz Grover by her spiritual teacher, who likens her character transformation to the journey from larva to flight. This memoir portrays a young woman’s solo global travels in the practice of the Sadhu, living a scary and marvelous journey of faith and synchronicity while making a difference working in impoverished schools and in war zones. Female readers ranging from teens to soccer moms will understand her need to find peace after 09/11 and walk with Liz through each transformational step to meet her destiny as a promulgator of peace. For readers of travel books who seek to understand exotic cultures and desire encouragement to take a leap forward into their own travels will learn how to do so from this author.

As a child, Liz Grover told her parents that she would travel the world and find world peace. The events of 09/11 shattered her innocent worldview and catapulted her toward her destiny as a peacemaker, but this journey started only in turmoil and confusion for the 19 year old college freshman. Butterfly on the Road chronicles Liz’s spiritual transformation as this disenchanted optimist who left her country to follow the siren’s call. Liz observed that those who achieved the American dream were not happy. America’s energy habits were killing the world. Was there any place where masses of people weren’t so judgmental about cultures they knew nothing about?

Liz was the adventurer, who, like a caged bird, would break through her pain and anger to find inner peace, her first step in her dance with destiny. While on vacation in France, she knelt on the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral and prayed for peace of mind, truly hoping that God, if there were such a being, would answer a prayer for the first time in her life.

One indication of an answered prayer came in the form Kali Baba, a dread-locked Hindu sadhu who imparted his profound teachings to her through catch phrases and examples of his travels throughout Asia with nothing but great faith in the universe and the clothes on his back.

Liz decided to travel in the model of her Sadhu, and put his philosophy to the test by going straight to the heart of America’s post-9/11 fears: Afghanistan. With only a $100 in her pocket, no job, and a one-way plane ticket to Kabul, Liz heads out for the adventure of a lifetime. Her first test arrives on the way to Afghanistan when, in a small airport outside of Dubai, she learns that her prepaid e-ticket for the last leg of her journey is not recognized and a new ticket is beyond her means.

Her trust in the universe helps her find the solution to her ticket dilemma and creates her strategy for every challenge she faces thereafter: working in Afghanistan as a journalist on the trail of Buddhist ruins; organizing online media in Kabul for the UN election coverage in the midst of rocket attacks and kidnappings; documenting the activist movement in the genocidal remains of Cambodia; organizing a Hollywood fundraiser supporting fair trade in Cambodia; organizing for the American peace movement with CODEPINK; and managing online media in the war-torn country of Timor-Leste for round two of elections with the UN.

This is Liz’s modern travel adventure of transformation and the power of manifesting a new dream that resulted in a wondrous world web of heart connections, powerful lessons of the human spirit and an international love affair that resulted her huge Bollywood wedding!