Mini Proposal Guide

Please do not send bound pages. Not even in a binder. Loose pages only please!


Please follow this guide with section titles. Don't use fancy fonts or formatting. This will not impress the publishers, and will have to be changed. 

Your proposal must be written in 3rd person. Please use these headings, fancy does not get you more interest!


Book Synopsis
(In just a few paragraphs tell what the book is about) Also  What is your promise? The promise is what they will get from reading your book.

Length (use apx word count)

Author Bio (this must be strong)

Publishers look at your platform. Who you are professionally that relates to your book topic and what you do.
Do you write for any magazines, blogs, teach classes, do book signings on other books you have published. 

In a few paragraphs, communicate your previous credits and credentials that are pertinent. Don’t be modest. Just tell me about yourself. It’s best if you can convey that you are a source of authority in the subject matter you are writing about. And if you have a personal story that created you learning what you are writing about that I will identify with.

Table of Contents for Book (please don't use page numbers)

Previous Published Works -
Also what other titles have already been published and distributed or sold where? 

In this order - Title, Year released, publisher, number of copies sold to date.

Marketing -
The marketing  section should contain where and how you would assist a publisher in promoting the book. Do you have plans to hire a publicist or social media marketing company.  Most publishers are very limited financially in this area today and expect the assistance of the authors participation in marketing their book.

Its is very important to say if you are on facebook, myspace, twitter, a blog or other online services.

List each, with how many followers or friends you have.

Do you have a good idea of what it will take on your part for time and effort to promote you and your book? In this section should answer the
question Who is your audiance? You should go into some detail about the topic. What is this technology? Who is using it? Who created it and how does it relate to readers. 

Comparative Titles
 Go to Amazon and find 3 books that are similar to yours. Make sure you lay it out like this sample below.

Book Title          
Publisher -   Year Published -
Author -
What makes your books similar? Why your book is different?

Table of Contents for your book If submitting non-fiction/self help please include an annotated Table of Contents

Future Works-

You should have a synopsis of your next book you either will be or are writing. Publishers like to know that they are investing in your future as an author. Use of this mini-proposal will aid and assist interest in your project.

Thank you for considering representation by Dancing Word Group Agency

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